Role Players 2024

World Innovation Congress & Awards

Vishwa Nath Jha


Introducing Vishwanath Jha, the driving force behind, who has significantly transformed the fintech landscape in Bharat. His innovative approach has benefited over 50 of India’s premier financial institutions, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in enhancing financial services. Vishwanath’s relentless pursuit of making AI technology both accessible and impactful has led to quantifiable advancements in the sector, earning him multiple accolades and establishing him as a true beacon of innovation in AI-driven solutions.

A committed educator and mentor, Vishwanath has enriched the AI and data science community, educating many thousands of professionals across the globe and offering guidance to dozens of upcoming entrepreneurs across varied sectors, including banking, travel, education, D2C and Logistics. His thought leadership is recognized on global stages where he shares his pioneering vision on AI’s role in shaping our future, further solidified by his collaborations with esteemed bodies like Nasscom, Ministry of Electronics and Technology, Niti Ayog and IEEE.

Renowned for integrating deep philosophical insights with cutting-edge technology, Vishwanath ensures that his innovations not only lead in efficiency but are also ethically sound and socially beneficial. This unique blend of technological acumen and ethical foresight has garnered him prestigious awards and the respect of peers worldwide.

As we welcome Vishwanath Jha, we invite you to engage with the insights of a true visionary, whose work not only navigates the current landscape of AI, SaaS and fintech but also the evolving shape and form of the human societies.