Role Players 2024

World Innovation Congress & Awards

Senthil Arul

Chief Innovation Officer

A Global innovation presents with Vision and Impact: With a remarkable 21-year career spanning diverse fields and countries, Senthil Arul embodies the spirit of innovation. As a seasoned leader, he held various positions across the global/

A Multifaceted Force: Senthil Arul expertise in engineering research, creative design, program management, and innovation management. This breadth of knowledge has fueled the successful launch of numerous products, both domestically and internationally.

Driven by Design Thinking: He Inspired by design thinking and systematic innovation, it’s translate ideas into commercially viable solutions.

Building the Future of Innovation: He established a robust R&D ecosystem, encompassing a strong department, design studio, and testing lab. This infrastructure serves as a springboard for future breakthroughs, demonstrating your commitment to continuous improvement.

Openness to Collaboration: Innovation thrives on collaboration, He actively cultivate a network of over 200 tech startups and prestigious institutions, fostering an open innovation approach that ensures a constant influx of fresh ideas and perspectives.